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Christmas this year 2020 🤍

What a year the world has experienced this year.. COVID-19 has turned everything upside down and for many people that ment less freedom due to many restrictions - and it's not over yet. It has made many people think about how spoiled we normally are and how fragile our society is.

Driving home for Christmas For many people this Christmas will be without our dear ones due to traveI restrictions or the gatherings of max. 10 people. Personally I miss my brother and his family so much and I can't wait until it's safe to travel to see one other again!

Family time - Let's look at the positive side of the Corona situation and dedicate this Christmas to our family and spend some good quality time together and enjoy each others company. Maybe we can't be together with all of our family because they live abroad (like mine) but then we can still spend time together on FaceTime and see each other virtually.

Health is more important than wealth I think this year is a solid reminder of the importance of our health, well-being and caring for others. The world has been given a huge task to fight this virus but we can only get through it if we help each other and take care of each other. To execute that we invented a new word in the Danish language 'samfundssind' - didn't we need that word before 2020?

No stress - Let OOAK help you sort out your Christmas presents to the girls and women you know.Tell us their favorite color or don't and we will giftwrap a beautiful present. A handmade bracelet - not mass produced and it can be exchanged to other colors or sizes throughout January if unworn. Let's make it a Christmas with personal gifts not just another body lotion..

Shop from small business - did you realize it's much more fun to shop from a small business? Did you ever consider the happy dance we make every time they receive an order in the inbox? Promise you it's a much better feeling than at large companies where some rich boss is just getting even more wealthy.

Shop local - at OOAK we have a lot of local customers and deliver at lot of bracelets directly in people's mailbox. So if you live around Rungsted, Hørsholm, Kokkedal or Vedbæk, we are more than happy to swing by your mailbox and deliver for free. For deliveries to all other cities we only charge 30,- and delivery is free of charge when you purchase from 500 kr.

Free giftwrapping - at OOAK giftwrapping is ALWAYS free of charge and we can even write 'til og fra' labels for you.

Best wishes for 2021 - OOAK wishes all of you a merry Christmas and hope that you and your dear ones will stay healthy, positive and test negative!


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