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New freshwater pearls at OOAK

Earlier this year OOAK got the chance to visit a pearl farm in Thailand when buying beautiful freshwater pearls for our bracelets. It was really interesting to hear about the very long proces and amazing work to produce these pearls.

Did you know that?

-It takes 4 to 8 years to produce a freshwater pearl in the mussel.

-One mussel can produce up to 50 pearls at a time but to ensure high quality less pearls are preferred.

-Freshwater pearls vary a lot in size and shape because there are naturally produced.

-Even a tiny sand corn can result in an uneven surface.

-One pearl mussel can live up to 150 years.

The making of freshwater pearls

Ready to become mother pearls

A tiny tissue is implanted into pearl mussels like these and set out in the water. The mussel starts producing layers and keeps doing that foreground 4-8 years.

Freshwater pearls in the making

When the mussels are ready for harvest, the pearls are carefully removed from the mussel and is evaluated by size, shape, color and quality.

How to make freshwater pearls
Beautiful pearls with certificate

OOAK selected pearls in rose, white and grey tones

New designs by OOAK with the beautiful new freshwater pearls - prices are 400 kr. for the beige/rose bracelet and 300 kr. for the black single bracelet.

Jewelry design with freshwater pearl 400 kr.
New design with freshwater pearl 300 kr.

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